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Key Shareholders

In accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, all shareholders in the Company holding an interest in three percent (3 per cent.) or more of the Company's shares (including all legal and beneficial interests, direct or indirect, or interests in financial instruments which are referenced to such shares, of such shareholder) are required to notify the Company of their interest and of any subsequent relevant changes to their holdings which changes shall include any increase or decrease to such holdings through any single percentage threshold. Shareholders are therefore requested to notify the Company in accordance with Rule 17 of the AIM Rules.

Key Shareholders (as of November 2017)
Key Shareholders Percentage shareholding (%)
Africa Oil 18.34
Moshe Peterberg 6.63
Trent Limited 4.24
Utilico Emerging Markets Ltd. 3.65
Azinam Limited 3.21
Gil Holzman* 4.07
Other 59.86


1 Mr Holzman’s holding includes 809,100 Common Shares held by his wife and 114,666 held by Gil Holzman Holdings Ltd., a company which he wholly owns, with the balance held personally